Geared machines for elevator

Italian Top Gears produces various models of lift winches for load capacities from 250 to 1400 kilos in 1: 1 suspension and offered in several variants for different speeds, motor types and traction sheaves of various diameters.

Italian Top Gears' lift machines are distinguished by their static load at the top of their various categories, their small size, their monolithic, case-hardened and hardened worm screws, their internal and external oil seals, and the generous dimensions of their bearings, offering a unique and complex range of features not fully reflected in similar products.

All ITG winches, whatever their application, guarantee the highest level of safety and reliability.

They have been designed to last a long time and are tested, one by one, with comprehensive and advanced control instruments that allow checking the efficiency of every single phase of the electric motor in addition to the average one, the motor's rotational speed, its power consumption, the motor's efficiency and the machine's overall efficiency, checking that the brake is working properly, its current consumption and the noise emission level.

Every ITG lift machine only leaves the assembly line if the vibration level does not exceed 0.6 mm/square second. To better understand this value, we invite you to check the vibration level of other machines.
Finally, each ITG winch leaves the assembly line with the brake perfectly adjusted and the adjustment position marked.