Speed limiters

Reactions as fast as thought: speed limiters ITG LIMVE

The ITG LIMVE is a centrifugally expanding lobe and bidirectional lift speed limiter. The lift speed limiter ITG LIMVE is designed for the activation of safety parachutes by means of two connected masses which, actuated by centrifugal force, engage the device once the tripping speed has been reached.


When speed of reaction is really essential

The intervention system of the overspeed limiter for elevator ITG LIMVE operates with two separate lobes and corresponding attachment points that expand with increasing centrifugal force and thus reach the tripping block connected to the electrical switch. The two attachment points make it possible to fully meet the reduced tripping times required by EN.81: 2014 20 & 50.

Italian quality everywhere

The electrical components used in the lift speed limiter ITG LIMVE come from one of Italy's largest and most successful producers, making the product truly 'Made in Italy'.

An example of Industry 4.0

The calibration system used to adjust the rated and intervention speed of the lift speed limiter  ITG LIMVE is fully electronic and provides a report for each unit produced and calibrated.

It is an example of the concept of 'Industry 4.0", as the data for each lift speed limiter are stored in the company's information system and include the order number, the customer, the serial number of the speed controller, the diameter of the pulley, as well as the nominal and trip speed

Technical Specifications

The speed limiter ITG LIMVE  è available with pulley diameters of 200, 240 and 320 mm and for nominal speeds from 0.15 m/s and trip speeds up to 2 m/s. Turnbuckles ITG LIMVE can have a mass of 10 or 20 kg and are available with and without contact.

Speed limiters for lifts ITG LIMVE can be equipped with remote test, remote reset and anti-creeping devices.

Speed limiters and tensioners can be supplied separately using specific codes.

ITG LIMVE speed limiters are approved in accordance with Directive 2014/33/EU and EN.81: 2014 20 & 50.


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