Gearless machine ITG 25
version .40 - .50

ITG 25 version .40 – .50: a treasure trove of versatile solutions

The ITG 25 version .40 - .50 is a broadly differentiated range of gearless lift motors designed for payloads between 800 and 1.000 Kgwith specific versions designed for 1:1 or 2:1 roping, power feeding of 230 or 380 V and different car speeds


Installation flexibility

The compact dimensions of the gearless machine for elevator ITG 25 version .40 - .50 facilitate its installation in any MRL lift system, even with a reduced headroom.

Thanks to the specific bedplates theITG 25 version .40 - .50 can be easily installed also in elevators with machine room and 1:1 roping

Package with the inverter

The elevator gearless machines ITG 25 version .40 - .50 have been designed to provide the best possible efficiency, which can only be achieved by using an inverter that is up to the task and capable of supplying even very low currents.

ITG can supply the complete package, consisting of machine and inverter, specially tuned for the supplied machine

Technical selection and configuration software

ITG customers are allowed to use the 'ITG Configuration Wizard' software which uploads elevator system data to provide a selection of the most suitable ITG gearless machines. In addition, the ITG "Configuration Wizard" provides the comparison between the machine plate data and the actual values provided in the elevator system, as well as provides the calculations related to the safety and traction of the ropes, the choice of the inverter, the space for emergency braking and operating costs for electricity and efficiency class

Technical Specifications
Static load 1:1 - 2:1 from 1.750 Kg - 1.950 Kg. up to 3.900 Kg
Payload from 800 to 1,000 kg
Speed from 0,4 up to 2 m/s
Power feeding 230 V - 380 V
Traction sheaves 160, 200, 210, 240 e 320
Dimensions Width limited down to 271 mm.

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