Gearless machine ITG 30
version .30 - .40 - .50

The gearless machine for elevator ITG 30 version .30 – .40 – .50,

represents the natural development of the range for higher load capacities compared to previous models, since it has been designed for a variable payload between 1.600 and 2.000 kg, in 2:1 roping, in addition to the several variants designed for 1:1 roping



The gearless machines ITG 30 version .30 - .40 - .50 have been designed with the goal to achieve the highest balance among performance, quality and economy of the complete machine.

With their external diameter of only 320 mm, the gearless machines  ITG 30 version .30 - .40 - .50 have dimensions more similar to those of machines for much smaller payloads, but definitely not common for payloads up to 2.000 kilos.

details making the difference

The magnets used for the gearless machines ITG 30 version .30 - .40 - .50 offer the best reliability features over time, as well as better high temperature performance. Their assembly, done by means of a mechanical coupling and specials glues, ensures they will never fall off the rotor, despite any adverse condition.

The design of the 32 pole motor assures the absence of vibrations, the best working fluidity and the most homogeneous torque delivery.

Widely finned cast iron housing produces optimum heat natural dissipation characteristics and the highest static load, while the lack of tie rods, subject to possible yield strength, ensures the highest rigidity to the traction unit ITG 30 version .30 - .40 - .50.

Technical selection and configuration software

ITG customers are allowed to use the 'ITG Configuration Wizard' software which uploads elevator system data to provide a selection of the most suitable ITG gearless machines. In addition, the ITG "Configuration Wizard" provides the comparison between the machine plate data and the actual values provided in the elevator system, as well as provides the calculations related to the safety and traction of the ropes, the choice of the inverter, the space for emergency braking and operating costs for electricity and efficiency class

Technical Specifications
Static load 1:1 - 2:13,500Kg
Payloadfrom 1,600 to 2,000 kg
Speed0.4 up to 1.6 m/s
Power feeding230 V - 380 V
Traction sheaves 240, 320 e 400
DimensionsWidth 320 mm

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