Gearless machine

Gearless technology for homelifts The ITG 'Gigio' is the gearless drive unit with a permanent magnet motor that revives the essential characteristics of ITG gearless units in the smallest of spaces.



ITG has developed its own technology to ensure a constant air gap between the rotor and stator of the electric motor, which enables the production of gearless machines without vibration and characterised by homogeneous machine performance.

As always, the control of MP motors requires experience and the use of good quality inverters capable of providing the right voltage and current, because if exceeded they would compromise the quietness of the machine.

Small, but with great technology

The permanent magnet motor of the ITG 'Gigio' has 24 poles and was designed to be as efficient as possible with low cogging torque due to the high number of slots per pole and phase. The permanent magnets were chosen for maximum heat resistance, minimising losses. Each individual version of the ITG 'Gigio' has windings designed specifically for the supply voltage at which the machine will be used (230 or 380 V) as well as for specific load and speed conditions

Not only homelifts, but also lifts

The ITG 'Gigio' gearless machine is available for home-lift applications as well as standard passenger lifts. The models of the ITG 'Gigio' have different sizes, as one is designed for traction sheaves with a diameter of 120, 140, 150 and 160 millimetres and the second for 200 and 240 millimetre traction sheaves.

Technical Specifications

The ITG 'Gigio' is not one model, but a complete range of variants designed to meet the most diverse requirements and to always offer the best possible performance, with variants specifically developed for 1:1 suspension or 230 V power supply. The ITG 'Gigio' is available in multiple versions and can be fitted with traction sheaves of 120, 140 and 150 mm diameter, while the largest version is equipped with 200 and 240 mm traction sheaves. The speed can vary from 0.15 and 0.30 metres per second for versions specifically designed for home-lift systems to 1 metre per second for HS versions.

Static load 1:1 - 2:1from 1.750 Kg - 1.950 Kg. up to 3.900 Kg
Payloadfrom 320 to 1,050 kg
Speedfrom 0,4 up to 2 m/s
Engines50 - 60 Hz
Power feeding230 V - 380 V
Traction sheaves 200, 210, 240 and 320
DimensionsWidth limited down to 271 mm.

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