Geared machine ITG 115

The elevator geared machine ITG 115: the simple and intelligent solution. The elevator geared machine ITG 115 is a perfect balance of quality, robustness and economy. Designed for applications up to 8 passengers in1:1 ropingthe ITG 115 offers a variety of solutions for motors, traction sheaves and reduction ratiosallowing a solution for every possible need and always enclosed in the machine's particularly small dimensions



The lift gearbox ITG 115 can be installed vertically and horizontally, adapting perfectly to the requirements of every lift system.



The ITG 115 lift machines have a biconical slow shaft that allows the sheave to be installed on the left and right side, depending on the requirements of the specific lift system. 

The biconical shaft allows the SSB (Slow Shaft Brake) to be installed on the opposite side of the traction sheave.



The elevator geared machine ITG 115 can be easily disassembled into three parts for easy transport to the machine room.

Just as it can be easily disassembled, the ITG 115 can just as easily be assembled without the need for special tools, without losing factory references for its perfect balance and absence of vibration.

Technical Specifications
Static Load 2,200 kg
Payload 480 Kg
Engines 50 - 60 Hz
Oil Capacity 3 litres
VVF 4/6 Poles - 50 and 60 Hz from 3.5 kW to 7.8 kW
AC2 4/16 - 6/16 Poles - 50 and 60 Hz from 2.6 kW to 4.4 kW
Reduction ratios 1/55 - 1/45 - 2/57
SSB option Available

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