Geared machines ITG 130 Series


Thanks to its extremely small dimensions, it can be up to 16 centimetres shorter than some of its competitors, which translates into ease of transport, handling and installation. The materials used to make its worm gear and spur gear are of the best quality available on the world market. The ITG geared machines Series 130 are equipped with double-lip oil seals everywhere, even where some of their most acclaimed competitors only have dust seals. In addition, the slow shaft of lift machines ITG Series 130 is always equipped with internal and external oil seals.


Ease of installation

Lifting machines for lifts ITG Series 130 can be easily installed in two vertical positions as well as two horizontal positions. Changing the hand of the machines from left to right and vice versa takes a matter of minutes

Quality in every detail

The geared machines for elevator ITG Series 130 are designed and manufactured to offer the highest quality. The slow shaft has internal and external oil seals, the worm shaft bearings have dimensions that the competition uses for machines with a capacity of 630 kg and more, the worm shaft is monolithic, case-hardened and hardened and guarantees the absence of the inevitable vibrations induced by the mechanical coupling between the worm shaft and the electric motor shaft, the housing of the double rear bearing is obtained directly from the casting of the machine body, to avoid the inevitable mechanical tolerances of a bearing box separated from the housing. These are just some of the many features that make the  ITG Series 130  lift machines of much higher than average quality.


The electric motors that equip lift winches ITG Series 130  offer high efficiency, thanks to their low air gap between the rotor and stator and their careful design.

At ITG we supply motors for each specific application and not motors that are forced to adapt to requirements.

Efficiency does not only apply to the electric motor, but to the entire machine, as the precision of the coupling between the worm gear and the crown gear in turn ensures maximum efficiency.

Technical Specifications
Static Load3,400 kg
Payloadfrom 320 to 1,000 kg
Engines50 - 60 Hz
Oil Capacity3.5 litres
VVVF 4/6 Poles - 50 and 60 Hzfrom 3.5 kW to 11 kW
AC2 4/16 - 6/16 Poles - 50 and 60 Hzfrom 2.2 kW to 7.2 kW
Reduction ratios1/55 - 1/45 - 2/57 - 3/41
SSB optionAvailable

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