Geared machine ITG 160

ITG 160: maximum performance packed into a minimum machine size.

Thanks to its static load of 5,200 kg, its inherent robustness and its particularly small dimensions, the ITG 160 is in a class of its own. The sum of the special features of the ITG 160 generates performance that was once exclusive to much bulkier and more expensive machines


Stellar static load

The elevator geared machine ITG 160, thanks to its 5,200 kg static load, has the highest figure in its segment.

The high static load allows theITG 160 to be used in many applications normally reserved for much bulkier and more expensive machines that cannot be installed in MRL lift systems.

A quality assembly

The geared machines for elevator ITG 160 are designed and manufactured to offer the highest quality, retaining all the main features and advantages of the ITG 130 series machines. The slow shaft has internal and external oil seals, the worm shaft bearings are generously sized, the worm shaft is monolithic, without mechanical joints with the electric motor shaft, and is case-hardened and hardened, thus guaranteeing the absence of the inevitable vibrations induced by the mechanical coupling between the worm shaft and the electric motor shaft. These are just some of the various features that make ITG 160 a much higher than average quality machine


The geared elevator machine ITG 160 is easy to transport, install and maintain, as any maintenance work does not require special equipment and can be carried out with normal tools.

However, the most important element of its practicality is its extreme reliability.

In all cases where it is necessary, theITG 160 can be supplied with pulleys with hardened grooves, so that they can withstand both increased traffic and unfavourable conditions of specific rope pressure over time

Technical Specifications
Static Load 5,200 kg
Payload 1:1 - 1:2 up to 2,600 kg
Engines 50 - 60 Hz
Oil Capacity 6 litres
VVVF 4/6 Poles - 50 and 60 Hz from 4.9 kW to 22 kW
AC2 4/16 - 6/16 Poles - 50 and 60 Hz from 2.6 kW to 13.5 kW
Reduction ratios  1/45, 1/55, 2/43, 3/41
SSB option Available

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